Kinderdance - ages 3 & 4. Creative movement using ballet and storytelling to increase coordination. Pink Ballet shoes in leather or canvas.

Kinderdance - ages 3 & 4. Similar to Kinderdance, but with an emphasis on Jazz not Ballet. Tan jazz shoes, no laces.

Kindertap Ages 4-6. An introduction to Tap. Black tap shoes.

Pre-Ballet Ages 5-6. An introduction to basic ballet. Pink Ballet shoes in canvas or leather.

Ballet Ages 6 & up. Emphasizing technique. Pink leather or canvas Ballet shoes.

Pointe Ages 11 & up. For int./adv. dancers at the teacher's discretion.

Tap Ages 6 & up. Rhythmic footwork. Tan Tap shoes.

Jazz Ages 7 & up. Freestyle movement to upbeat music. Tan jazz shoes, no laces.

Lyrical Jazz Ages 7 & up. Combining traditional Jazz and the lyrical style which is softer. Tan jazz shoes, no laces.

Lyrical/Contemporary Ages 9 & up. Emphasizing balance, flexibility and expression. Tan foot undies.

Musical Theater Ages 9 & up. Broadway and movie musical styles. Tan character shoes.

Jazz Funk Ages 6 - 9. Intro to Hip Hop with some Jazz technique. Black dance sneakers.

Hip Hop Ages 9 & up.  Street Styles.  Black Converse sneakers.

Acting Ages 7 & up.  Building characters, voice projection, learn scenes, develop monologues.

Learning different styles from other teachers is important for a dancer's training, so the faculty encourages the students to attend conventions and classes in NYC  Becoming a dancer is an ongoing process and we try to give the students a well rounded education with plenty of opportunities to grow.

Absolutely no food, gum or drinks inside the studio with the exception of water.

Please keep the waiting area clean and pick up after yourself or your children.

If you are watching a class, please do so from our open waiting room, being inside is a distraction.

Hair should be pulled back off of the face.

Missed classes can be made up in a similar class. A class is considered 'missed' due to sickness or a vacation.

We strongly discourage waiting room gossip. Any questions or problems should be brought up with the director.

Proper dance wear is a must: leotards, unitards, jazz pants, tights, ballet skirts or dresses. Clothing must be tight on the body so teachers can give corrections. Shorts or sweatpants are acceptable for hip hop only, no denim. Items can be ordered from the Studio Danceware Shop.